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oEveryday lessons
o19th April 2005
o20th April 2005
o21st April 2005
o22nd April 2005
oReceiving our diplomas
[Debora] [Nicola] [Ingrid] [Monica] [Chiara] [Nunzia] [Giuseppe] [Stefania] [Caterina] [Valentina] [Vanessa] [Manuel] [Elanne] [Edoardo] [Mirko] [Lorenzo]
Click for zoom 47349 Bytes This was a great trip. London and Brighton were fantastic! Coming back here is a must.
Click for zoom 45720 Bytes It was a great experience...something to recomment to everybody.
Click for zoom 45144 Bytes I'm very happy having spent 6 days with my classmates and our teachers. Everything was so amazing!!
Click for zoom 51640 Bytes There I finally found the man of my life.... I want to come back!!! kiss
Click for zoom 47749 Bytes Simply the best! This was a great week.. thank you all! hugs
Click for zoom 44620 Bytes You haven't heard me yet!! My new name is MANZIA... Thank you very much...
Click for zoom 49275 Bytes It was fun, I liked this experience but I slept too much and I discovered new friends. It's all ok, I'm fine! Hello! Goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Click for zoom 54620 Bytes Have you got something against me?! Come here! It was a great trip. Bye bye
Click for zoom 53041 Bytes It was a fantastic trip.. London is a beautiful city and all other places we visited were attractive and interesting! Kisses
Click for zoom 52627 Bytes A piece of advice to all girls: here, there are very ugly boys but everything else is very wonderful. smack;-)
Click for zoom 47416 Bytes here there are beautiful places to visit and great shops, too... it was a fantastic experience!!! bye, kisses
Click for zoom 46175 Bytes Brighton and London are two beautiful towns... I Want to come back, I have found my girlfriend here.....
Click for zoom 52574 Bytes I loved this trip!!!! I hope to come back soon. London is very beautiful and the other towns we visited too.
Click for zoom 44183 Bytes This studytour has been a very important expererience for me, for my future and for my personal knowledge.
Click for zoom 50717 Bytes This trip has been beautiful... My favourite day during this trip was our visit to London!
Click for zoom 45435 Bytes

[Everyday lessons] [19th April 2005] [20th April 2005] [21st April 2005] [22nd April 2005] [*Receiving our diplomas*]

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